CDP Score Report

CDP Score Report

FTC CDP Score Report


The CDP Score Reports on climate change, forests, and water security have been a critical reference for the global investors' investment. In 2019, over 8,400 companies worldwide were evaluated based on their responses to CDP's questionnaires, and what FTC received are as follows:

  1. "A-" in Climate Change, where a total of 14 Taiwanese enterprises, including FTC, are in the Leadership band and FTC is the only one enterprise in such top band among the "Textiles & fabric goods" Activity Group
  2. "B" in Water Security—a grade FTC received for its first disclosure of water security, which is higher than both the Global and the Textiles & fabric goods sector average of "B-"

FTC has been carrying out its responsibility for mitigating impacts of the global climate change; the CDP Score Reports reveal FTC is capable of well handling issues on climate change and sets a good example to the textile industry. As for the detailed CDP Score Reports, please refer to the following (downloadable) links:


CDP Score Report - Climate Change

CDP Score Report - Climate Change 2019 (pdf)

CDP Score Report - Water Security

CDP Score Report - Water Security 2019 (pdf)