Stakeholders Topics

Stakeholders Topics

i.  Identification of Stakeholders, Concerned Topics, Communication Methods, and Frequencies

Based on the five major principles of the AA1000SES, matters and stakeholders that are either impacted by the Company’s activities, products, or services or may greatly impact the Company are  first discussed and determined, and then stakeholders’ concerned topics are identified through surveys. The aforementioned, communication methods and communication frequency are summarized as follows.


The status of communication with stakholders in 2020 was reported to the board of directors on July 2, 2021. 


ii.  The Process of Identifying Material Topics


Based on the result of the 2019 materiality analysis, and reviewing global sustainability issues of 2020, such as disease control, FTC identified twenty five sustainability issues. After identifying sustainability issues, 22 Topic Groups of the CSR committee employed the materiality matrix, based on the results from 53 questionnaires conducted in 2019, to assess the extent of impact on the Company and the extent of stakeholders’ concern in accordance with GRI Standards and boundaries. Following this, the President held the meeting with 15 CSR committee members filling with their proposals. Due to no significant change on stakeholders, the result of 53 questionnaire surveys of 2019 was proposed to continue. Matrix below shows the results of the meeting. Twelve items, located in the upper right, upper middle, center, and upper center cells of this Nine Halls Diagram are the material topics of 2020.