Social Care

Social Care

i.  Social Responsibility Philosophies and Policies

(i)  Local Communities

Guided by the founder’s teachings of “Honesty and Integrity”, the Company strives to achieve the management philosophies of “Harmony, Innovation, Service, and Contribution”, which includes honestly paying taxes, valuing environmental safety, and showing concern for employees. Furthermore, the Company has always strived to maintain a good public image and corporate reputation in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and give back to the community.

As the Plants are located in rural areas, the Company has always maintained good neighboring relations with nearby local residents, established clear communication channels, and offered them assistance in various forms. The Company has also contributed to many local charity events to promote the common development and prosperity of both the employees and the local community. Through the long-term and sustained care of the community by the Company and its employees, humanitarian care and concern can be expanded to protect and ensure a harmonious relationship.

(ii)  Legal Compliance and Ethics

The Code of Ethics, Integrity Management Principles, Code of Work, and other rules and regulations stipulated by the Company shall all comply with the relevant laws and regulations. The Company has also established higher moral and ethical standards by which employees must abide, including rejecting dinner invitations, gifts, and trips offered by stakeholders in the Company.

ii.  Social Charity Measures

Through the organization of related activities, such as adopting roads for maintenance and bare lands for greenification, the 19 clubs and associations established by the Company and its employees have played a significant role in community development and charitable events. Through the continuous promotion of “Good Neighbor Relations”, the Company has cared for the local communities and maintained good interaction with them, through “road adoption” and cleanup activities within a three-mile radius (Chinese mile).

Over the years, the Company has continued to offer social care, provide assistance to vulnerable groups, and donate to impoverished families and other vulnerable groups. The Company has also contributed to education and charity events.

(i)  Education

The Company has supported Formosa Taffeta Kindergarten since its beginning, which was established in 1980. Offering education at subsidized costs (employees’ children are entitled to a 50% discount), the kindergarten provides education for employees’ children, thus allowing employees to work with ease of mind, while also offering education to the children living in the neighborhood, thus contributing to the community. In 2020, 59 children attended the kindergarten.

(ii)  Enterprise Road Adoption

Since 2005, the Company has adopted 9.5 km of road in the surrounding vicinity for maintenance and conducted road cleanup activities every Friday to establish good neighboring ties with the community and ensure the cleanliness of the community by reducing the amount of dust and particulates spreading. In 2020, 8,112 hours of community service have been devoted to his project. (Every week, two employees from each of the 26 departments are appointed to conduct three hours of cleanup operations.) According to the “Principles of Tradeoff of Air Pollutant Emission Increment of Development Activities Reviewed by the EPA, Executive Yuan” promulgated on July 28th 2009, the annual reduction of particulate and dust has been calculated to be 13.634 tons.

(iii)  Adoption of Bare Lands for Greenification

The Company began adopting bare lands in September 2010. Currently, the Company maintains 0.6620 hectares of land annually for planting and greenification to give back to society, beautify the community environment, and reduce dust in the bare lands.

(iv) Giving back to Local Communities – Participation in Social Charitable Events

NO. Type of Donation Number of Events

Temple and festival activities in neighboring communities


Consultation for the neighborhood volunteer civil defense force


Welfare activities and celebrations organized by the Longevity Club of the Development Associations in the neighboring communities


Activities organized by community vulnerable group foundations


Donations to charitable activities and events of neighboring schools and organizations


Sponsoring other environmental protection activities and events in neighboring communities

Total nubmer of donations made in 2020 41


                    Certificates of appreciation/merit for, in 2020, sponsoring or participating in the following:

            *.Charitable activity held by Genesis Social Welfare Foundation
            *.Father’s and Mother's Day campaign held by Yunlin County Government
      *.Assumption of responsibility for environmental protection and sweeping of roads in Yunlin County