SeaCell® Yarn ¡V new material for green & health care
from Nature, for Nature, to Nature

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spacer The SeaCell® fiber was ground from natural seaweed become less than micron granule, then add its powder into wood-cellulose NMMO solution benefit environmental protection. By way of Lyocell manufacturing process, turn into what seaweed element and cellulose form the SeaCell® fiber.

Seaweed has much advantages include carbohydrate, amino acid, fat, cellulose, abundant mineral substance. Such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and vitamin A, E, C constituents, etc. They make a good effect on improve skin's looks naturally. Lyocell possess characteristics of natural cellulose, high strength, soft touch, and moisture absorbing fast.

Seaweed has another feature is amazing adsorbed ability for metal ion. Because it contains phenolic compound possess the ability that combines with heavy metal. In manufacturing process of seaweed fiber, put silver ion into complete shaped cellulose fiber, forever embedded sterilization metal in fiber inside, this is SeaCell® Active. After washed can't lose efficacy of antibiotic.

Properties of SeaCell® Pure:

  1. Cellulose characteristic make feel much soft nature.
  2. SeaCell® fiber possess higher strength and size stability, even if washing operation number above ten times can maintain inhere touch sense and efficacy.
  3. Wear comfortably; suck sweat 50% faster than cotton.
  4. Mineral and vitamin in the SeaCell® fiber can slowly release at wet environment, make skin possess health care effect.
  5. Active compound can arouse cell activation in seaweed fiber.
  6. Seaweed fiber can protect your skin avoid external environmental hurt.
  7. The process is environmental protection completely.
  8. Adapted to be used for underwear, sportswear, bed sheet, decoration, and other fabric that contact skin.

Properties of SeaCell® Active:

  1. SeaCell® Active possess all properties of original SeaCell® Pure fiber, and add 6900 mg/kg silver ion in fiber, make the fiber hold forever antibiotic characteristic.
  2. SeaCell® Active possess antibiotic, resist mildew, and avoid eczema that is first of all cellulose fiber on market.
  3. Seaweed fibers possess metal-bonding element, let silver ion exist in inside fiber, washing operation will not affect the efficacy.
  4. SeaCell® Active is effective in cure, make become non-weaving that be for a wound dressing, possess good ventilation and moisture-absorbing, can keep skin drying, avoid infection.
  5. Adapted to be used for underwear, infant dress, cure fabric, and other fabric that contact skin.


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